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At the heart of the Middleklass is a community of people who are interested in rising out of the rat race through the collective sharing of life experiences; namely, the income-producing strategies (kash strats) that are working for us in our corner of the world coupled with life hacks (cheat kodes) that we’ve learned along our journey. Middleklass believes that by being utterly, stupidly, insanely transparent, we can drastically reduce the information asymmetry that exists between the upper klass in America and the ever-shrinking middle klass. Though provocative (and morally dubious) the discourse on Middleklass can be at times, we bear no judgement on fellow klassters, their lot in life, or their approach to improving it.

 -David Matthews, Fellow Klasster

A Bit More About Myself: 

I’m a 28 year old serial entrepreneur currently living in San Francisco, California. I decided long that the traditional American career paths simply weren’t going to work for me and have since created a living for myself in the most eclectic of ways. Since the age of 16, I’ve worked as a Y Combinator/VC-backed tech founder, Craigslist furniture flipper, freelance web designer/developer, medical research study lab rat, sports writer, sports editor, hookah bar owner and business operations consultant. Once, while broke and in college, I even became a Christian youth pastor despite being an avid unbeliever. Because, well, college wasn’t going to pay for itself. 

I created Middleklass out of a desire to help others like myself who are sincerely trying to improve their lot in life through whatever creative means possible. I truly believe that through hustle and hard work and a transparent and open public forum, we can finally leave the middle klass behind once and for all.